He’s second time joining the power-lifting competition

I wasn’t there when he awarded the best lifter in men’s division yesterday. He join this kind of competition because he wanted to gain friends and also know some friend in the bodybuilding world in our city. And this is the second time he join power-lifting competition and won the best lifter plaque and medal and he’s team also won the best lifter team in power-lifting. Too bad I wasn’t there to take picture of the event and all. All the hard work, going to the gym every day, buying supplements and all has paid off. He is happy that he won but I am more excited with the price. Last year, we able to buy few pillows from dewfoam and maybe this time we can buy bedding or bed foam. Hmm can’t wait, hehhe. He did not bring the trophy because it’s too bulky and heavy, he just leave it in his workplace but he did bring the plaque and medals though.

Here it is, the best lifter in men’s division plaque… no names!

The medal, it’s a bit blurry..

The medal from yesterday and last year’s power-lifting competition.

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