Need to read some health article

Every time my period comes, I always make sure to buy pain reliever because It is always painful. I don’t remember having it without the pain that most of the time I wish I was a male hehehe. Stomach pain and sometime body pain and the things that make me worry the more is that sometime my period suffering is not normal anymore. I want to go to a doctor to have a check-up but I am always scare to know the result so I just stick to reading and searching for article about stomach pain and the likes. These few days, even if my period is already finished I still suffer from stomach pain. I just endure it for 3 days and thank God I am okay now. The boyfriend told me to have it check-up but I just told him that it was just gas, lots of gas and it will be gone soon. I still don’t know what it is and I am still googleling online about it while saving same courage to visit the doctor soon.

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