Changing the old ways to a clean and healthier living

I am not a very organized person and I seldom clean the house because most of the time I do not know which part of the house I should clean first. Moreover, I wash my dirty clothes, bed sheet, pillow sheets, and other home decoration once a week or thrice a month. However, if I have extra money that would be a very good thing because I can afford to pay for the laundry and I do not need to wash my dirty stuff myself anymore. And because of my laziness and luck of money to pay for the laundry all my dirty stuff are piled up ever since my parents left and that was still last year. Every time I look at house, I always have thing feeling to clean it but laziness overtook that desire. Nevertheless, I have to do what I should have done few months ago and thank God, I finally did it step by step. It is not healthy for and to those unexpected visitors anymore to live in a house that is full of clatters and dirty stuff right.

Changing my old way and be the responsibly person is not easy though but I have to do it this time. It is nice to be different from your old self for a change. For the past days, I was busy washing the dirty clothes and cleaning the house but since I cannot personally wash the comforters and those heavy dirty home things so I need big bags to put those dirty things. The boyfriend let me borrow his drawstring bag because I can put many things in it but I was still going to buy those promotional drawstring bags somewhere. This is what happens when your laziness gets in the way, unclean and unhealthy living all year.

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