He Give me a Silver Necklace

I was not expecting that he would give me a silver necklace because he has a goal that month and that is to be buff than he already is. He told me a few days before that his money is already spend for work out supplements and gym clothes because he really wanted to join bodybuilding competition someday and I understand him. He already orders his gym shoes and sporty clothes for his new job as a gym instructor and I was happy for him that he already found a new job and he already plan ahead. We don’t need to worry anymore where to look for money to buy stuff to his new job. I was really surprise when he gives me this silver necklace last week. I owned a sterling silver jewelry before particularly a necklace, but I accidentally lost it. I was planning to buy a replacement but I forgot and now I have new silver necklace again, thanks to him I don’t need to buy new necklace anymore although I was dying to buy additional silver bracelet on my silver jewelry collection.

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