Musing of a stay-at-home woman

I forgot how many times that I try to be more active in sports and do mornings exercise. Last year, I always go to the park for morning jog and I was planning too to enroll in a fun school so I can spend my time not only at home but also outside to mingle with other people. Too much, for my planning because until now I am still thinking if I enroll to an aerobics class or a music class because I really want to learn how to play the guitar, I am a frustrated guitar player. Learning how to play that music instrument is a big accomplishment in my boring life and if I manage to play that instrument the way I want it, it would be an exciting thing to buy those gorgeous Yamaha Guitars. It likes a dream come to learn and own a guitar that you like so much. Staying at home alone would never be as boring if I have a guitar and know how to play it.

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