Tips to effective Walking style

I never know that there are ways or style in walking. Walking can also be one of your daily routine, an exercise daily routine. Its better than running.

..Hold head erect and keep back straight and abdomen flat. Toes should point straight ahead and arms should swing loosely at sides.

..Land on the heels of the foot and roll forward to drive off the ball of the foot. Walking only on the ball of the foot, or in a flat-footed style, may cause fatigue and soreness.

..Take long, easy strides, but don’t strain for distance. When walking uphill or downhill, or at a very rapid pace, lean forward slightly.

.. Breathe deeply (with mouth open, if that is more comfortable).

The benefit of walking are many, improves the circulatory system, flights off colds, strengthens the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Simply walk away you health by walking…

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