Easy Dukan Recipes

The Dukan diet, which has just celebrated its second online anniversary, is based on the idea of focusing on the foods you can eat rather than those you can’t. The Dukan 100 foods list is compiled of ‘safe foods’ that you can eat each day mainly consisting of meat and poultry making this a heavy protein diet. Although you are encouraged to alternate between pure protein days and protein and vegetable days, there are so many different easy recipes you can use to spice it all up a little so that as well as not being hungry on a diet, you don’t have to be bored of the foods on the list.

As it is a healthy diet plan, there is much to be done with balancing meals. For instance, for dinner on a protein and veg day, you could try a chicken, mushroom and pepper casserole, a warm tandoori chicken salad or perhaps a curried cauliflower soup. For lunch on a pure protein day you could try Moroccan turkey kebabs or a Spanish style seafood lunch whilst there is plenty of choice for snacks, such as tinned tuna, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, celery or carrot sticks with low fat cream cheese or even sugar-free jelly.

No diet is a complete weight loss plan without the inclusion of exercise which is just as important as watching what you eat. At each stage of the process you are guided as to what kind of exercise you should be doing to enhance the weight loss. The diet is so personalised when you log in and it shows you how your diet will be set out even before you pay anything. This gives you a chance to research some recipes and start to build up a list of things to try. If you run out of options after a couple of days’ worth of food, I would say you are wasting your time because you really want to find a diet where you find almost all of the food palatable. There really are so many different things to do with the 100 foods that only the fussiest eaters would be disappointed.

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