Endurance: Find out what shape you’re in

Grade= Pulse rate per minute
Ages Age 18-29 Age 30-39 Age 40-49 Age 50-59
Very good: <72 <78 <80 <82
Good: 74-80 78-82 80-84 82-86
Average: 81-83 83-86 85-88 87-90
Poor: 84-94 87-94 89-98 91-98
Very poor: >94 >94 >98 >98

During P.E in college, my P.E teacher brings us to the school main campus for the endurance test. I never really pay much attention about it because I only interested in swimming which it takes few school terms. Now, I am a bit not in shape and old (ahemmm) and I easily tired just by walking my pets in the neighborhood. In order for me to find out all by myself if am in shape, I try a simple test I read on a health magazine. It is simple to take this test; all I need are some stairs (perfect because our house is a two story).

For those healthy buffs out there and those who try to be healthy (like me, hehehe) here’s a quick check: Stand in front of the stairs. With one foot go up a step, move the other foot up beside it and then the first one back down, followed by the other back down. Just like walking up a flight of the stairs but stepping right back down each time you do. That’s one set. Pace: Two sets in five seconds, for a total of three minutes. At the end, rest for 30 seconds. Then, measures your pulse and compare it to the table above. Check for 15 minutes seconds and then multiply by four—you will get your pulse rate per minute.

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