Legal enhancement substance to gain Six-Pack Abs

I always ask my BF, who knows something about exercise about how to have nice and well-tone muscles. He just told me that it takes a long way in order for me to have the kind of body that I want. I have to take exercise seriously and eagerly. Well, I am not that eager and serious thought but he is. He is been doing his goal step by steps. Last year, he focuses on his shoulder to be more wide and buff, then his thigh and calves to be bigger. And just recently he started to have a six-pack abs and in order for him to achieved those in a not very long period of time. He has a small help with those legal enhancement substance that his gym friends is selling. He says; it is naturally for him to take and drink those because it really helps him with his goal. I even take photos of those enhancements then posted it in this blog. He usually takes Creatine, L-Carnitine, Animo acid capsules, and Protein power.

(photo not mine)

Creatine is a legal way to fuel for the muscles. It leads to increase strength, but also causes the body to retain water. For best result, take five grams directly after the training, either as chewable table or in a protein shakes.
The BF preferred the protein shake though.

L-Carnithine transports the fatty acids circulating in the blood to the mitochondria, the power plants of the cells, and optimizes the metabolism and for best results, take 1,000-1,500 mg on an empty stomach 30 mins before training.

Amino Acid Capsules in other hand contain pure lactalbumin hydrolsate, a high-quality lactoprotien with amino acids that are quickly absorbed in liquid form.

Protein Powder has it immediately after training in a shake. It is great for recovery or as a snack.
The Bf use only whey protein.He always carries it when he goes to the gym, which is why it is important for him to have a big bag to put all his gym and body paraphernalia’s.

I always told him that these legal enhancements are quite expensive, but he also replies that, it is better than drinking alcohol or doing illegal drugs, and who am I to argue. Can’t wait to see that six-packs abs.. hehehe 😉

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