Possible Way to Make Teamwork Works

Finding the right and compatible partner to understand us is not that simple because every one of us posses different attitude. If you enroll in a fitness program, most especially in duo sports, it is necessary to the management to give you a fitness instructor to help you achieved your goal and the duos to complement each other so that will make the team progressive and the partnership smooth-sailing. Moreover, being in a team, you must follow and understand each other to achieved goals. Here are five keys to possible teamwork works (just read it in an old magazine).

1. Select a partner with whom you are compatible. Although the best duos are those who utilize their differences to strengthen the pairing, there are simple some personalities that do not mesh. If you deplore competition, don’t team up with someone who loves it. (Competition in healthy doses can be motivational; however, taken to extreme it can lead to petty jealousy which is detrimental to teamwork.)

2. Be aware of each other’s expectations and find a middle ground. If your expectation of the partnership are not parallel to those of your companion, it could lead to difficulties. For example; if you expect to exercise together three times a week, and your teammate wants to have only regular weigh-in days, then you need to either find a compromise or seek a different partner.

3. Know each other’s weaknesses, strengths, and goals. Capitalizing on each other’s strengths and and applying teamwork on one another’s weaknesses is what makes duos so successful. Just as two minds are stronger and better than one one, two will-powers are less likely to falter. Sharing your goals makes them seem more attainable, and the belief in our abilities is one of the most important steps to success.

4. Know the difference between encouragement and pressure. For some the line between encouragement and pressure is thin. While some might consider a word of warning about a newly received box of chocolate gift inappropriate, others will see it as a caring tip of caution. Ask where your partner draws the line. If you’re still uncertain, remember that encouragement is associated with inspiration (positive statement); pressure is associated with mental stress (negative connotation).

5. Offer empathy and rewards. Inevitably one of you, or more than likely both of you, will have a few bad weeks. This is when your job as a partner become crucial. For it is when your partner is down that their temptation to quitting will be the strongest, just like those movies about sports teamwork like cutting edge and all). But by offering them a listening ear and pointing out their past successes, you can help get them back on track. Helping them out during those down times, sending congratulation cards or compliment when they your buddy has a good week and let them brag about something are ways can keep them on the road to success – a road that, for most, is easier traveled in pairs.

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