When Worry Overwhelms

Some worry is good. It allows you to plan, think, and become prepared for financial security, emotional involvement, job satisfaction, the family, and the future. However, when you have depression, worry can become overwhelming.

Exaggerated worry, called an anxiety disorder, often goes hand-in-hand with depression. Expects think anxiety disorders, like depression, result from an imbalance in neurotransmitters (a messenger of neurologic information from one cell to another), because if a person have anxiety disorder, that person may feel apprehension, nervousness and an uneasiness about the future. In some people, anxiety disorders mimic a heart attack, with symptoms such as heartburn and palpitations sweating and dizziness. Other symptoms may include headaches insomnia and relentless fatigue. Therefore, when a worry becomes like this, it is important to learn muscles relaxation, take medication or seek dual diagnosis treatment from the experts to prevent doing harm to your family and yourselves, because if we have depression, worry can become overwhelming and lead to anxiety.

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