While window shopping for a jog shoes

I already own a jog shoes and I thank my sister with those two pair of jogging shoes. The BF wants a new pair of jog shoes. Therefore, if we had time like his day off, we visit malls and window shop for affordable jogging shoes for him. Since I like going to mall to stroll, I always tag along with him even if sometimes he really hate it because I am a bit noisy and nosy especially when there are events happening inside that mall. One time, he keep looking and calling at me because I happen to pass by a mass inside that mall and there was an available chairs church so I seat and listen for a while. I though he saw then but I think not because he said I went missing that is why he keep calling me in my cellphone. Some malls conduct mass during first Friday of the month and put chair in the first floor so people can attend the mass is they wanted to.

Most of the time, I am really a nuisance according to the BF because I always makes him angry. Maybe that is one of the reason he will not accompany me when I want to go to the gym or do some stretching in the park. I hope that he will get use to it though.

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