Cool headphones

Instead of making an appointment for an hour massage yesterday, I choose to spend my time in a gym and after a few hours of running in a treadmill, I just set in a corner and watch some couple doing their own exercise. I can see that they really have a good time lifting those gym equipment with their cool headphones stuck in their ears. I was hoping I could be friends with them because I want to know where they bought those headphones. I own a few headphones because I need it when I want to listen to music using my phone and video chatting with my sister’s abroad. The reason why I want to know where those couple bought their headphones because I am planning give my BF the same brand their using and hopefully bought one for myself to replace my old laptop headphones with the same shure headphones the couple are using. I already look for that same brand but unfortunately, I did not find it. Now, I just have to wait for them to get their rest and ask the store where they purchase it so I can buy one for myself and for the BF.

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