Formula 1 Fast Fact

1. An F1 car can go from 0 to 160 kph and back to 0 in 4 seconds.

2. F1 reaches nearly 5 billion viewers each year. The World Cup reaches 3 billion fans every four years.

3. F1 drivers have to sustain as much as 5G of cornering force, requiring incredible strength, stamina and concentration.

4. McLaren drivers have won more Manaco Grand Prix races than any other team.

5. The Monaco Grand Prix circuit is 3.340 km and drivers must complete 78 laps.

6. The most expensive hotel room in Monaco over the F1 weekend goes for US$100,000 per night.

I only read about car races on pocketbooks because most of my favorite authors love to talk about handsome F1 drivers and all the gorgeous stuff they do. And those drivers are very popular about girls and all.

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