Hands can Proof your Adventure

Pity those adventure enthusiast that doesn’t have a good hand balm in their medicine chest. And don’t think about your wife’s, girlfriends and sisters lavender-scented lotion, we’re talking about seriously healing salves especially for men, soothing liniments that will heal nicks, shed flakes, and improve your handshake due to climbing mountains or lifting barbells and stuff. A hand balm that moisturize the hands. Hand skin is very think, and men’s is thicker than women’s so its good if they’ll have help through cruel season and adventure at hand.




Bag Balm Bag Balm if it’s good enough to keep bovine teats supple, it’s good enough for the paws. At it base this balm is mostly lanolin, a waxy substance derived from wool with a centuries-long track record as to protect and moisturize.




Curel Ultra Healing Lotion contains shea butter and oatmeal extract, both of which aid in healing and smoothing over cracks. A relatively cheap, light, versatile player that’s great for everyday use.



Vaseline Soothing Moisturize Petroleum Jelly Cream with Cocoa Butter far less gooey than plain old petroleum jelly, while still supplying hypoallergenic protection against temperature extremes and effluents. Plus cocoa butter serves up extra moisturizing power.




L’occitane Shea Butter and Cream  a non-greasy, waxy oil derived from the nuts of the west and central africa shea tree combines with the antioxidant vitamin E in this rich, comforting cream that has notched several Everest summits.



Burt’s Bees Hand Salve intensive neo “farmer’s friend” uses rosemary oil to increase circulation and almond oil to soften skin. If you’re really in the business of beating up your hands rock climbing, say the lavandin is said to inhibit scarring.




Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve perfect balm for skiers, midwestern commuters, and just about anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the winter. This apothecary classic harnesses the proven healing and moisturizing properties of a wax made from olive oil.

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