Unfamiliar Music Instrument

Aside from watching romance, adventure, and fairy-tale movies, I am beginning to like also watching those shows that my Bf likes, like wrestling, bodybuilding, and all that shows about macho man. But what I really love and my most favorite of all is musical. I even buy and collect some musical movies the recent and those olds musical shows. One of my dreams is to personally watch a musical shows in a theater but maybe one of these days that dream will come true.

How magnificent and wonderful those musician playing their musical instruments. I can only recognize few musical instrument in a musical play but the pbone is not familiar to me. However, I saw those musical instruments when I watch movies or shows that feature music parades. That music instrument is somewhat very loud and can really attract and get people’s attention because of the loud sound it brings. Poor me, I can’t even try that music instrument but maybe in the near future if I can find a music store that sells pBone trombone or even a pBone plastic trombone so I won’t be an ignorant when I see that music instrument.

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