Wow! Pansit

Finally, for many months wondering when I can cook again without using the dirty kitchen, now I can rest and search for a delicious and healthy recipe for my everyday meals.  It was not so long ago when I started eating healthy foods like vegetables and cooking it the way I like it.  Honestly, I am not really a good cook so mostly I eat alone the food I cook (lol).  I was okay with it the first time because aside from I am a lousy cook, the kitchen’s exhaust don’t work that I smell of food even if I am not finish cooking yet.  However, it is hard also when you always eat cooked food and fast-food food when you don’t know if the food is safe or not.  I force myself to eat that food because I don’t have more option (food choice) left and I had to eat.   Then suddenly my father arrive handing me the money from his old job to send it to my mother who is in gensan who the one gave me the money for my new single burner gas stove.  I had no trouble buying the gasol (tank full of gas) because my sister already buys it before we learn that the old burner is already useless to use (only because I can still sell it to the junk shop hehehe).

With wide smile and hopeful spirits (wink’), I can finally try to cook the stir fry vegetable with chicken that my sister’s friend cook for us using the dirty kitchen because we don’t have a burner and they already bought the ingredient.  We’re very busy that evening, running around bringing the food outside (the dirty kitchen located outside the house) because all of us are already starving.  Well, despite the haggard look and tiring day, the food was great and delicious.

That’s why I told myself that I should buy a new burner so I can cook new recipe that pleases me and here it is without further ado, a sample of my cooking using the new single burner, a delicious pansit (stir-fry noodles with vegetable and chicken) with lots of mince vegetable for me.  This would be my viand/snack this evening and tomorrow if my father already eats with his friends.

“Happy eating to all”

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