A Wasted Opportunity

I really want to have a job but it is hard for me to find one now but fortunately, a friend of mine is turn between keeping his real job or his part time job. Before he resign to being a bouncer last year, he is not worry about finding a job immediately because he still have his part time job as a gym instructor in a government. Luckily, after a few days one of his friends told him that there is a gym somewhere in the north that is looking for a full time gym instructor and being in a gym is what loves the best. I was really envy at him because he already has two jobs again, I have none, and the he offer me his part time job, which is the government staff part time gym instructor. Even if want to take over that part time job, I can’t because I don’t know nothing about proper and right exercise procedure. If I want o exercise, I always tag along with him for a free lesson (wink). He keeps telling me that it is easy but I doubt it, I even had hard time keeping up his lesson when we are exercising in the gym, how much more teaching those professional’s how to be fit and how to assist them with those exercise tools. Until now, he has been thinking which job should he keeps or just asks a favor to her boss if he can keep the part time job and he just adjust his time, while me is regretting not knowing about those stuff. It could be my chance to earn additional income aside blogging.

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