Breakfast and Calories

Lots of evidence prove that people who eat breakfast eat less during the day. Saving calories in the morning doesn’t help ans is counterproductive. But if you turn breakfast into a feast, you’ll probably eat more than what’s good for you. If you really aren’t hungry in the morning and can’t eat, make sure you have a mid-morning, low-calorie snack when you do get hungry.

It is useful to eat mostly light products, but often light products are mislabeled. They have less fat but often they have an equal number or even more calories like for example from carbs, than the regular product. They can tempt us to eat more. And light ins’t regulated by governments, so there’s lots of room for interpretation.

It is good to eat less at night but it’s not necessary. There’s evidence that carbohydrates-rich meals in the evening make us fat because we can’t move less after eating. At this time of day, the body has no use for the sugar we’re digested. Ultimately, it’s about the consumed calories but be careful: it’s easy to eat too much in the evening because it’s social or we’re detracted by the TV.

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