Made from steel T- Bolt

Still have unfinished things to do inside your house or office because you have hard time connecting a broken swivel chair, kitchen drawer or like me a broken two burner gas stove. Our two burner gas stove got broken months ago and I don’t know why. It is hard when you don’t know anything about fixing broken things and what kinds of bolt you need to use to keep the things inside our house last long. The problem with the two-burner gas stove is the bolt that got loss that is why I have hard time keeping it in the proper position.

Good thing my father is here to help me with it. I don’t have to go out and look for a t-slot bolt that made from steel he keeps telling me to buy because he knows where to buy it somewhere. Lesson that I learn when living alone; always think ahead and ask the people who know about man work or go online and search for it. Many websites will surely help me, and you about fixing certain stuff and about bolts and even health problems.

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