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Do you know that your body can benefit from working out, regular exercise and healthy diet? Well, I am pretty sure you are aware of that but you’re either busy or lazy and that you have no time for such tiring activity. What you need is a motivation and determination to get back in action and do exercise. Even a stay-at-home mom like myself needs some powering up to improve my energy level and keep up with busy life juggling the household chores, errands and of course two active toddlers. I was extremely excited when I received this amazing product from Empower Fitness. They also include a Waist Trimmer Belt with fun fashion print that I can use in my workout as it helps retain body heat to shed excess water during exercise.

Meanwhile, the Boxing Boot Camp includes a 9′ empower comfort jump rope, 2lb weighted gloves (1lb each filled with iron & sand), 6lb medicine ball, and exclusive DVD of 12 Rounds Boxing Boot Camp with Jaime “The Hurricane” Clampitt with Bonus Abs Workout, and a workout guide that gives you tips and instructions to sharpen your technique as well as teach you the proper stance, position and boxing terminology.

Boxing Boot Camp Features

* Gain strength and power while burning calories, toning your entire body, and diminishing stress

* Maximize your workout in minimal time! Quick and effective 12 rounds + 30minutes = amazing results!

* Convenient workout options for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

* Let Jaime “The Hurricane” Clampit, four-time world boxing champion, guide you through this workout so you can train like one of the most well-conditioned athletes in the world

* Empower Boxing Boot Camp includes comfort fit jump rope, 6lb sand filled toning ball, 2lb neoprene weighted gloves (1lb each), 12 Rounds DVD, and workout guide.

Strengthen your entire body, release everyday stress and improve your self confidence. Fight to be fit with this first-of-its kind, authentic, boxing inspired workout.

The Empower Fitness Boxing Boot Camp is a great variation to the workout activity and cardio workout exercise that I usually do. I love it as it makes me sweat a lot, burn fat and tone my body. The 12 Rounds Boxing Boot Camp Workout gets you into action while punching skillfully and takes the power, drive, and passion of boxing and transforms it into an empowering workout. The 12 Rounds combination always start with a warm up and a two minutes jump rope before you begin the Round 1 which is Double Jab. The use of the weighted gloves really gives strength and power punch. It also feels great doing the jumping jack, squat and toe tap with the medicine ball. At the end of the 12 Rounds Boxing Boot Camp Workout you feel like a different person and if you still want more you can do the Bonus Abs Workout.

I see a big difference with my body after doing the Boxing Boot Camp Workout for 3 weeks. I kind of stop in the third week because of the cold weather. As you have noticed, in the first week (photo above) my body was sort of big and fat I supposed. Then, in week 3 it kind of tone up a bit and looked firm too. Being physically fit don’t come in free, you have to work for it and fight hard to be fit. Knocked that stress down and get hooked on a workout. Once you indulge yourself in an energizing fun workout, you feel confidence, strong, active and healthy which means very good. So, what are you waiting for? Get you own Empower Boxing Boot Camp at

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