When Fast Food is Tempting

Most of the time cooking can be tiring and fast food is the best place for people (like me) who are lazy cook but if you want to lose weight and be healthy, fast food joints and takeout counters are not a good hangouts to achieved it but we still go for it. Here are some few tips if fast food is just so tempting and what you can do if your craving it and nothing else you can do.

1. Eat more slowly. The point of a fast food is to eat fast and cram it in. Take a step back, know what you’re eating. You’ll realize you can satisfy your hunger with smaller portions.

2. Eat less. It’s enticing and probably cheaper to order what’s at the super-size menu. But, you’ll pay for it later. That combination of the larger portion and the desire to leave nothing on the plate means you’ll definitely eat too much.

3. Eat at home. If it has to be fast food, then at least make it homemade. Why? because you’ll choose the ingredients; know if they’re fresh. And, you’ll start enjoying the experience when cooking.

4. Eat more often. Studies have shown that a nagging hunger leads directly to the nearest drive-thru. Healthy snacks such as a handful of nuts or cut-up vegetables (like peppers or carrots) between meals protect you from binges that you’ll regret later.

5. Drink less sugar. Want to kickstart your diet? Don’t drink anything but water for two weeks. You’ll be surprise: Not only sodas but juices are also treacherous sugar traps.

Happy eating everyone, got this tips from a magazine and hope it will do good to all of you as well.

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