Eyes Protection : For you and me

Until now, I still didn’t know where my eye problem started. I just wake-up one day that I can’t see clearly in far distance. Well, I can still see it but it has a shadow and its really blurry that most of the time I can’t identify who that person is and what are those writings says, and then I realize having an eye problem really is hard. One time, an old friend of mine which I really don’t like at that moment approaches me in a restaurant because she though I am looking at her direction and believed that I am smiling at her which is not true because I don’t even know that she is there in the first place. I have no choice but to talk to her because it is rude and uncivilized if I just ignore her when she’s with her family.

There are many instances that I mistaken people and signage or poster because of my eye problem. So before it get worse, I went to an optical clinic to have my eyes check and buy a nice and cute eye-wear. I have two eye wear that I am sure will help me protect and save my eyes. RayBan aye wear from the blurry eye sight and a dark sunglasses for the hot sun and dusty roads. Those two eye protector will definitely takes all the worry away when I am inside the house or outside.

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