Health Concern

I seldom visit my parents here in gensan because of the long travel and the fare as well. It takes 8 to 10 hours going here, and if your lucky and the bus you got to ride going directly to gensan is available that will only take lesser than 10 hours sitting and the fare also is cheaper. But despite the all that I always call them and ask how are they and all. My mother is diabetic that is why she has to be careful always on what she eats. Recently she told me that while we we’re chatting on the phone that she got a proble in her blood sugar and and according to the doctor she need to change her meds. I know my mother is a bit hardheaded in following the advice food she should take and she still eat chocolates and occasionally drink alcohol together with my father. But I still need to tell her to stop eating chocolates and drinking alcohol because of her diabetic.

I read a book about diabetes which I give it to my mother for her to read, that although many people boast that drinking alcohol does not affect them, alcohol can also be dangerous to someone with diabetes. Some American diabetic association advises diabetics never to drink more than two alcoholic drinks in a day, and not more than once or twice a week but my mother before drink two or three bottle a week.

The several good reasons why my mother should avoid alcohol according to the book because when a the stomach is empty, most of the alcohol a person drinks is absorbed directly from the stomach into the bloodstream. Normally, if the blood glucose level drops too low, the liver converts some of its stored glycogen to glucose and release it into the blood. However, alcohol is given priority handling. This means that the liver will take care of processing the alcohol first,then care for the low blood glucose level later. The result: hypoglycemia- very low blood sugar level which is dangerous. So now my mother stop drinking and she only buys alcohol drinks for my father to help him easily sleeps at night. My father is already old and has trouble in sleeping. my parents takes vitamins everyday and that in some ways help them with their old ages.

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