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I’ve been doing exercises since last year. I workout and do yoga sometimes. My main goal is to lose weight and getting back in shape. Unfortunately, shredding this extra pounds is not that easy thus losing a pound or two is difficult already. Workout and healthy diet must go hand in hand plus right amount of sleep everyday. Workout itself is difficult already and it is a very tedious job. Keep your goal and stay motivated so you will achieve good result. Perhaps, you would need something like energy drink to keep you going and at the same time cleanse the toxic inside your body.

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Have you ever heard about Well Well Wow? It’s a new refreshing, energizing and all-natural drink from Sun Chlorella USA – Nature’s Perfect Superfood. Well Well Wow!™ is a blend of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), that encourages the growth and repair of cells and tissues in your body, and eleuthero, one of nature’s most powerful adaptogenic herbs that helps to decrease the effects of stress. WWW!™ is an all-natural, caffeine-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, convenient-sized drink that gives your natural support system a boost along with energy you need to keep up with your busy lifestyle.
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Well Well Wow!™ is rich in dietary fiber and minerals to promote a healthy immune system. It helps you achieve a renewed sense of peace and tranquility without the jittery side effects associated with caffeine. Well Well Wow!™ provides a refreshing way to:

• Decrease the harmful effects of stress on your body
• Increase your endurance levels
• Support healthy adrenal gland function

I was lucky to received 2 (3.38oz) bottles of Well Well Wow!™ to try and sample. I just tried the sample drink today because I had a busy weekend and did not able to do my workout then. Well, it taste great and in fact the sweetness still in my tongue and throat. The color is looks like apple cider, it has fine texture and acquired taste. This liquid eleuthero and chlorella growth factor dietary supplement is what I need to have enough energy and get my workout done as well as my chores as a mother & wife. I also able to finished most of my task and stuffs online.

Supplement FactsWell Well Wow is the newest product of Sun Chlorella. Well Well Wow!™ is a convenient and effective form of supplementation that supports the body’s natural defense system. It’s a good energy and supplementary drink to try. Shake gently before serving, as contents may settle. Look at the back of the bottle to find out about its supplementary facts and nutritional value. You can also visit their website Sun Chlorella USA for more information. Try #WellWellWow today!

Why You Should Take Sun Chlorella?

Sun Chlorella has the powerful ability to help detoxify your body and it is highly recommended to be taken with each meal so that the chlorella will absorbed those pesticides and chemicals substance found in the food, water and air we take thus blocked from being absorbed by our body . One serving of Sun Chlorella is equivalent to one serving of fresh green vegetables (without the pesticides)!

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a strain of green algae that grows in fresh water. This Superfood emerged over 540 million years ago, and was the first form of plant life with a well-defined nucleus. It is derived from Greek name chloros meaning green and ella, meaning small. Chlorella belongs to the eucaryotic cell category of algae and lives in fresh water as a single-celled plant.

This exclusive Sun Chlorella strain of chlorella pyrenoidosa is a Superfood derived from freshwater single-celled green algae, and is packed with naturally occurring key vitamins & antioxidants including: vitamin C, pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene), chlorophyll, lutein, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine (B6), niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B12, biotin, choline, lipoic acid, and inositol; certain minerals including: phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium,and iron; protein, dietary fiber, nucleic acids, omega fatty acids, and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).

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