Healthy Collections

I only collect one thing and that is pocketbooks. I love reading it over and over especially if I don’t have money to buy for new pocketbooks. I am a hopeless romantic that is why I love collecting those stuff, however, I would like to have other healthy collection. I always saw this on my sisters social network wall because she is collecting it as well. I want to join them and maybe make my own postcards if I am lucky enough to learn how to design a nice and wonderful postcard to exchange with them.

Collecting postcards would be nice if I have friends in other country to exchange postcards with just like what my sister been doing for many years now. Many of her blogger friends exchange postcards from time to time and I would really love to join their postcards collections. I can look for a nice and beautiful cheap postcards to post in my blog and exchange it with some of the online friends who collect postcards. A healthy pastime for me and learn about other country’s and places culture and histories.

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