To run or not to run!

One of my acquaintances told me about this marathon and I wanted to run too. A 3K would be fine because I am not much of a runner; I just want to try new things just as I wanted to join the Zumba class. I really want to have a healthy and eventful lifestyle that is why I want to run and join the zumba. Running is good for me because I always thinks too much and it affects my heart because I always keep it inside. But I found out I don’t have a shoes for that marathon and shoes are really important in that event, running shoes in particular. I only have walking and malling shoes then a slipper. I roam around the mall to look for sale Nike shoes or any shoes that would fit to that event but I can’t find those shoes that I can afford. Now I am wondering if I will pursue it or just run for another marathon in the future when I can afford a running shoes (poor me).

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