How to keep running entertaining

A study has proven that a mental diversion during exertion reduce the number of people who give up by 50 percent. Listen to music while running or put your stationary bike in front of the TV. You can also look for a workout partner and use your time to talk top your friends and acquaintances. It’s motivation for training, and you’ll workout longer. But most of us just want to run outdoors to change environment, here are tips to avoid the little things that ruin the fun, so try these easy anti-stress strategies to keep it going.

Blisters on your feet: They occur when new shoes or poorly fitted socks rub the skin (just like what happen to me few weeks ago). Try Body Glide, an anti-chafing stick, or use talcum powder to prevent them. Always wear freshly washed absorbent socks to protect your feet.

Fly or something in the eyes: If it’s in the upper lid, then pull the upper lashes over the lower and let it go. This works like brush for your upper eyelid. If it’s stuck under the lower lid, pull the lid down and dab it out with a handkerchief.

Stepping in dog poop: The smaller the tread pattern on your running shoes’s sole, the more works it will take to get rid of it. Remove the large bits with a branch, or scuff the bottom of your shoe on wet grass then hose off with water. Finally rinse the sole with vinegar.

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