Planning on doing: A perfect gift for a good run

It was many years ago the last time I buy myself a reward, maybe because I have job before and every salary I would buy something for myself as a reward for working six times a day. But now that I am stay at home gal and busy blogging to earn. It is hard to buy something for myself when I have to pay for my monthly bills because I chose to live alone. Asking for my parents money is the last resort if I don’t really have anybody to run to in case I run out of money to pay the bills and my daily expenses. So far I survive and since I have many free hours and days, I was planning to spend it the healthy way. A few hour to the gym, do a dance exercise and a marathon to join if I got the needed gear for it. Then I promise myself that if ever I did all those things maybe I could give myself a reward for fulfilling all of it or I could just ask my boyfriends a sterling silver cuff instead. It would be a double purpose if he gives me one.

An accomplish task and a anniversary gift because it was our 4th year anniversary last month and we’re not together that time because I was in Bohol having a short vacation. But anyways, I just hope I can do all those healthy stuff I mention because I really needed a break for all those non-productive years, months and days of my life.

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