The NBAs Top 10 Career Triple-Double Leaders

Triple-doubles are relatively rare, and they’re arguably the most impressive thing that an NBA player can do. When a guy posts a triple-double, he’s shown the ability to contribute in multiple ways. From scoring to rebounding to assists or even blocking shots, these things are difficult to put together over the course of one game. Only a few guys in the history of the game have been able to accomplish this feat multiple times, and here are the top 10.

1. Oscar Robertson

Known as the “Big O,” Oscar Robertson played part of his career for the Milwaukee Bucks. In 14 years, he had 181 triple-doubles, and that’s a true testament to his impressive athletic ability.

2. Magic Johnson

Before Magic Johnson was running the Dodgers, he was putting up big numbers for the Los Angeles Lakers. Over the course of his career, this tall point guard posted 138 career triple-doubles. His height and skill set allowed for these games, and he often took advantage of smaller players.

3. Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd revolutionized the point guard position. His 105 triple-doubles over 19 years were impressive, and if not for limited shooting ability, he might have posted even bigger numbers.

4. Wild Chamberlain

Chamberlain had 78 triple-doubles, and he got most of his in a different way. While most players use points, rebounds, and assists, the majority of Chamberlain’s triple-doubles included blocks. He is also the only player in NBA history to have a double-triple-double, with 22 points, 25 rebounds, and 21 assists.

5. Larry Bird

This hall of fame player had 59 triple-doubles over the course of his career. His might have had more, but he was often counted on to score a huge number of points for the Celtics. This often cut down on his assist numbers.

6. Lafayette Lever

One of the lesser known players on this last, Lever had 43 triple-doubles over the course of his short career. He dominated for the Denver Nuggets, and he brought a new level of athleticism to his era.

7. LeBron James

LeBron has 30 triple-doubles in an era when this feat is rarer than ever. His combination of size, strength, and speed allows him to excel in all parts of the game, and he figures to climb this list as the years progress.

8. John Havlicek

Also with 30 triple-doubles is the Boston star. Before there was Bird, Havlicek was busy being a star on offense and defense for the Bill Russell-era Celtics.

9. Grant Hill

Grant Hill has suffered many injuries, and these may have kept him from climbing higher on this list. With 29 triple-doubles, he is still building his career totals. An athletic swing man, Hill has shown the ability to get up and down the floor during his career.

10. Michael Jordan

Over 15 years, Michael Jordan compiled 28 triple-doubles. Many consider him the best player veer, and he stepped up in a big way with his rebounding and defense. Jordan undoubtedly could have earned more triple-doubles if he would have deferred to teammates more often.

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