To lose 100 lbs. It’s a big number

Well, I am not fat and I don’t want to lose that much, and I am not slim also but if ever time comes that I need to lose that much of a weight, I will know a few step to make it happen.

Losing this much of a weight sure going to need a lot of patience and discipline. Maybe we can start with smaller more realistic goal and try these tips I read.

* Bit by bit if it’s 10 or 100 lbs: If it’s going to last, it’s going to take time-weight that disappear quickly will reappear quickly. Stay away from extreme diets: Fill your day with small, easily manageable changes such as, “From now on, I’ll take stairs as often as possible.” Or I’ll Bike more.”

* Here and now: Instead of tackling that super workout that you planned for the weekend and never got to, take every opportunity to get moving. Instead of planning a diet, pay more attention to healthier eating. And don’t eat much-and that’s every day at every meal.

* Forgive and forget: Skip your workout? Eat a bag of potato chips? Think about why (stress? boredom?) and how you can avoid this situation in the future. And then forgive the slip. Don’t let it get you down: You’ve got another chance to do better tomorrow.

* Up and down: It’s normal to hit a plateau on the scale. Stick to it, the number will go down again. And you’ll slowly but surely reach that goal.

Hope these tips will help with what you have in mind to get healthier and slimier.

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