Healthy food that help to stay fit

We go to the gym, run and do exercise because we wanted to stay fit and healthy. We even find foods that are healthy and some of us do juicing just to lose weight. If you eat fewer calories, then you’ll lose weight and these are 10 foods that can help.

1) Salad: Lettuces leaves provide a crisp base that lets all the other ingredients shine. It fills your belly with few calories-about 12 calories per 100 gram.

2) Berries: Despite their high-sugar content, they hardly raise the blood sugar level and their color and flavor turns any fruit salad into a delicious snack.

3) Water: A unique pick. No calories, yet it still burns energy. With or without bubbles, even a little helps.

4) Lemon: Water is the alpha and omega of losing weight. Drink 2-5 liters per day. But that gets boring. Tip: A squeeze of organic lemon in your glass provides a welcome change.

5) Nuts: They do have a lot of fat but nuts and almonds are full of valuable nutrients; an handful makes you feel fuller than other snacks with the same number of calories.

6) Cream Cheese: Even the full fat version has half the calories of butter but taste as good. Cut even more calories with the lo-fat variety.

7) Chicken sausage: Fans of sausage can still enjoy their favorite food, since chicken sausage has fewer calories than other varieties. Prosciutto and turkey are other good options.

8) Pepper: The prototype of the quick fill-up veggies: It cuts into slice in jiffy and is made for snacking. Add a tasty dip and the bag of crisp stays shut.

9) Olive oil: Used sparingly, it improves vegetables and make them tasty.

10) Nut spread: Enjoy a sweet and don’t just cram them in. Nut spread is a good way to practice

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