Should consider to not always hungry when losing weight

For men who wants to lose weight. These five rules don’t involve self-denial.

Rule # 1: Lots of small meals daily. If you’re only eating three meals a day, you’re telling your body nourishment is rare, Don’t give it fat; give it small healthy snacks, for example, cottage cheese.

Rule # 2: Drink shakes, low-fat milk and yogurt, ice cubes, fruit, and whey protein powder combine to make a calcium-rich shake that will boost your metabolism-and it tastes great.

Rule # 3: Hydrate. Water has no calories; Keep you full, removes water, and helps nutrients reach your muscles. Drink at least eight glasses a day. Avoid alcohol: It reduces the body’ ability to burn fat.

Rule # 4: Power eating.

Rule # 5: Ignore the rules. Does avoiding your favorite food gnaw at your motivation? Reward yourself after a successful diet week with a self-indulgent pork dish or steak.

One of my male friend is doing these and I think it is effective. He really lose weight and he does not eat large meals.

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