Energen every time I feel like it

I am not a breakfast eater person. I only eat breakfast when I am visiting my parents because they always eat breakfast. I just drink coffee in the morning if I wake up early. However, it is not the same if I eat breakfast and if I escape that very important first meal of the day. Nevertheless, since I am very lazy during morning, I decided to buy a nutritious milk and cereal drink. It may not the same as eating heavy meal in the morning but at least I did put something nutritious in my tummy. I am drinking the chocolate flavor because that is the only energen left in the grocery shelves. It says at the back that “Energen enriched with SIGMAVIT a balance combination of vitamins, minerals, and protein that are required by the body in all phases of our life: growing up, development and maintenance”. How nice is that, right? Moreover, it is only P 60.00 a dozen. If you buy it on sari-sari store, it is only P 6.00 or maybe P 7.00. A practical solution at the same time still has nutrient in an affordable pack. I can even drink it at night if I forgot to buy a midnight snack.

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