Comfortable Feet by these Two Pair of New Shoes

Today’s hard life (in my case) I have to be careful when buying new stuff for myself. It was my long time plan to buy a new pair of running shoes because I want to make running my pastime instead of just setting and lying the whole day at home. Unfortunately, every time my money arrives (from blogging), billing happen and unexpected problem reappear. One of those sad events happens just last month when my pets suddenly become ill and I have to bring them to the vet and buy some medicine for them because admitting them to the vet clinic is more expensive and I can’t afford it already. To make the long story short, my puppies died and I don’t have money left to pay to the “other bills” and don’t have money also to buy for a new pair of running shoes, or even a cheap sandal anymore. That is why I am so thankful for the people who gave me these two (2) pair of shoes. I can run or do exercise walk anytime and day I want without worrying want shoes to wear and my feet will be comfortable doing those exercise.

A nike for woman.  Its light and comfortable the feet.  Use it a couple of times already.  It is birthday gift from the special someone.
This is from my older brother.  It perfectly fit my feet.  It would be perfect if the design is the same as the nike, but still thankful for it.  It is also comfortable on the feet.

Now, I don’t have alibi not to do one of my healthy lifestyle list because I already have the shoes for that. Happy running to all of us.

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