Rank 1st Place

The Powerlifting Competition held at Cagayan de Oro Capitol ground (MacArthur Park) was a success. Even-thought the person I was cheering that time only got the 1st place but it is still the highest rank on his weight division. It was still a huge accomplishment for him considering he seldom go to the gym and drink the necessary supplement intended for that event. This is his 3rd time to join the Dewfoam powerlifting competition. The 1st and 2nd time he join, he make sure he is prepared and do the needed preparation for that event and luckily, he won 1st place and awarded the best lifter the 2nd time he join and only rank 2nd place on the very 1st time he join the powerlifting competition. Anyways, he got a gold medal as the 1st placer and we celebrate a little and headed home because he is not feeling well. He got tire after lifting those heavy barbels and also for luck of sleep the days before. He is planing to join bodybuilding competition but I still don’t know when will it be. I know that joining bodybuilding competition would be expensive because he told me so. He has to visit the gym always and buy supplement to make his muscles well form and buff and physically fit.

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