Thankful for my free running shoes

It is free because I am not the one buy bought it. I intent to buy running shoes for myself because I want to run if I feel like running. Running can be my pastime and I intend to make it my hobby or pastime too. It would be a good diversion for my boredom of laziness, and I can’t run if I don’ have a running shoes. It would be funny if I use my sandals or walking sandals for running right. Aside that I look funny wearing it while running, my feet surely hurt. Anyways, the boyfriend bought me Nike for woman running shoes and my brother gave me a pair of sketches too. The sketches is almost perfect not only for running but also in mall strolling but I think the sketches company got tire of finishing that shoes because it only covers the front feet and the back it bare. I still use it thought if not all my day-to-day shoes and sandals are available. I often use the Nike shoes because it is comfortable and it is not heavy. I can run for miles with a light feeling on my feet.

From the bottom of my heart… thank you!! Lets run everyone….LOL

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