They called it touch rugby for starter like me

Here are the new player, practicing running and throwing.

I just like to watch this game on sports channel and movies but I don’t think I can play it. Imagine those big, muscled player tackle you for a ball, I don’t think so. I would just gave them the mall and watch them run to the other side to score. However, few days ago, my boyfriend, who really loves to tackle (I don’t know why) join a team of rugby here in our city and ask me to come to pelaez sport center for a run. I already have my running shoes so I was so excited to change clothes and all but when I arrived at the sport center, I was really surprise when he told me that we would go to play rugby. Wooowhat! Are you kidding me and I was double shock when I saw the other new player. The other players really are big compare to my body. In addition, since I am already there so why not join in. Most of us are newbie so we have to know the basic rules and that is throwing and running, good for sweating. I was having fun doing the basic rules but the coach decides that we try to play the game but we’re still new to the game. We have to play touch rugby first, instead of tackling the opponent; we just have to touch them. My mind is mixed-up with the rule thought. We have to throw the ball to our team facing backwards and if we throw it to them facing the opponent’s side, we lose the ball. It was hard remembering the rule since it’s my first time and I am more on executing it than understanding it. Well, I forgot some of those rules and I was not able to come back the day after because my body hurts especially my thigh for running, but it is a perfect exercise to those who want to remove excess fast because you sweat is going to come out.

The old rugby player playing to the far side of the field, the newbies are in the other side practicing.

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