It’s possible to shop healthy and low calories on a tight budget?

The answer is YES! According to the mean’s health magazine I read in the nutrition section. If you got the right attitude and follow the seven tips that will help to achieved it. Shopping for you healthy foods can be easily fix if your on a tight budget like I do.

1) Cook for yourself. Prepared foods are expensive. You can always learn how to cook with your friends or maybe take a short culinary course to help you with it. Maybe you can find cooking enjoyable at the same time.

2) Buy seasonally. Fruits and vegetables are cheaper when they are ripe ans in season but you have to learn or know what are those fruits and vegetables are. Pay attention to what is season. Ask your suki (customer of long standing) at your local market or grocery what the usual rates are.

3) Think big. Produce your own stuff. Cherries, apples, strawberries, and basil can be made into compotes, sauces, marmalade, and pesto. Cheaper and tastier than the one bought on store.

4) Think portion. Frozen vegetable are often more expensive than fresh. For single guy, frozen may be cheaper because they are smaller portion. Alternative: Cook more and freeze extra.

5) Try store brand. Often cheaper than and just as good as their brand name counterparts. Products from discount stores often win prizes in taste test. Try some util you find your favorites.

6) Avoid cheap meat. Eat meat less often or at least smaller portions. Buy it at the butcher. You’re more likely to get poorer quality meat in big packages.

7) Plan diligently. Check your provision and use up leftovers. Note when you’re low on something. Watch the seasonal calendar and special deals. Plan shopping with these in mind, and stick to the list.

That is all the seven tips to budget your healthy and low calories shopping list. I hope it will help you as it will definitely help me and the BF who really needs it more than I do.

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