Health as a balance

We all want to be healthy to avoid illness and sickness in the future. Being sick is not easy. Some of us may find the medicine/cure but some of us don’t. That is why most of us take vitamins and even herbal medicine to get better and healthy everyday. The ancient Chinese as well as many Chinese today see health as a balance in body and mind, between opposing forces. One of the world’s oldest system of healing comes from China. Yin and Yang are two such forces. Yin is cool and quiet, represented by water; Yang is hot and busy, represented by fire. illness is a result of the two forces out of balance. Many techniques are use to do this, including herbal preparations, acupuncture, and special exercise.

Taking too little or too much is not healthy. It should be balance and most especially we must have faith in everything we do. Faith that we will be healed in all aspect of life. The Roman spoke of health in a proverb: ” A healthy mind in a healthy body.” In addition to physical health, an understanding of mental health is important.

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