Simple ways to keep your pearly white teeth

Anything that stains a white shirt stains your teeth.
Stop smoking. Yeah! We know, easier said than done but if will benefits not only your health but also your teeth, why not go for it. If those cigars chemical darkens your lungs, imagine how it will affect your teeth. It can obviously do the same to your teeth as well.

Avoid drinking coffee and tea as they can stain your pearly whites. Yeah! Mostly everybody loves coffee and tea too. Even my sister loves to drink coffee but if it possible to avoid drinking it for the sake of your pearly white teeth, go for it.

Lastly, but definitely not the least and the most important and essential of all. Buy whitening toothpaste. It will not only help you whitens your teeth; it also helps you with bad breath and stuff. You can add a whitening gum that you can chew. You don’t need an expensive procedure done. Just change some of your everyday thingy things to do.

A whitely fresh start for this year, don’t you think?

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