Things you must know that maybe you didn’t know about your favorite Paella

Put down your spoon and fork for a minute and learn some few and simple things about your paella. Maybe some of you know about it already since I just read it from a magazine but for those who didn’t know and do love paella. Here are 5 things you must know about it aside from it is a yummy international-rice food that most everybody like.


1. Paella, pronounced pa-eya, originally come from Valencia in Eastern Spain.
2. It is cooked in a two-handled pan called Paella, which is probably how it got its name.
3. While Paella has become something of an expensive social fare, the dish actually has humble beginnings: It was traditionally cooked by farmers, eaten straight off the pan, right on the field.
4. Paella Valencia is made with rice and whatever else that could be found in the rice fields: chicken, rabbit, and snails. But because Valencia was on the coast of Spain, adding seafood was inevitable.
5. Saffron is the most important spice in making Paella. This also colors the dish to its signature yellow.

Hmmmm, I don’t know how to cooked it but the writer who write it must know how to cook it or maybe love to eat this dish.

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