Check on Yourself: Diabetes awareness simple screening test

What is diabetes? How does a person get it? Is it something you and I can “catch” from another person who has it?

With so many people getting diabetes nowadays, will you be one of them? Does it matter whether you are rich or poor, thin or fat, old or young? How does a person get diabetes? Does it come from eating too much sugar, as some of us feared? And who is likely to get it?

People have all kinds of different ideas about diabetes. Some of those are true, but many are false. Another way that some person discover that they have diabetes is by taking a simple screening test at home. Answer each of the following questions below, score yourself, and see how you come out.


Do You Have Diabetes?
Answers every question by checking “Yes” or “No”.  At the end, add up all the “Yes” answers.  
                                                                                                                              Yes  No
1. Do you regularly have any of the following?
                                     Feel very thirsty
                                     Pass urine very often
                                     Feel extremely tired
                                     Have blurry vision
2. Are you over 30 years old?
3. Do you have parents with diabetes?
4. Do you have brother or sister with diabetes?
5. Have you lost weight for no apparent reason?
6. Do you have high blood pressure?
7. Do you have high blood cholesterol level?
8. Are you overweight?
9. Do cuts and scratches seem to heal more slowly than normal?
10. Do you have pain, numbness, or tingling in your feet, legs, or hands?
For woman only:
1.  Have you ever given birth to a baby, 
       which weighed more than 4.5kg. (10 pounds)?
2.  Have you ever had high blood sugar level during pregnancy?
                 (Have you ever had gestational diabetes?)
3.  Are you at least 24 weeks pregnant now?
Total number of question answered Yes_____
If you answered “yes” to at least two of the questions above,
you should see your doctor soon and arrange
to have your blood sugar tested.

Early diagnose is so important in helping to prevent some of the serious complications of diabetes, more and more screening programs are now becoming available.

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