Powerlifting gift certificate, where art thou!

Even-though I am not the one who won that powerlifting gift certificate, I still gets a small share on it. He was 2nd placer last’s years powerlifting competition, but a year before that, he is the powerlifting champion.

They give him a trophy, gold medal and a reasonable gift certificate. It is just sad that the gift certificate was given late that we have to wait for the person in-charge to email us that the gift certificate is ready for pick-up. It is just ashamed and pitiful that we never had the chance to use that gift certificate because the moment we notice the email (it went to the spam mails), it already expire. That is why I always told him now to check both spam and non-spam mails if the powerlifting committee emailed him so his hard work won’t be wasted.

I have a plan for that little share. I am planning to buy a cute and not too Sexy Short Dresses to wear for a change. I always like shorts short and sporty clothes but now I would like to try wearing short dresses. I notice many girls wearing it in malls. Anyways, I still have to ask if that gift certificate is applicable in buying those not too sexy short dresses that I really want to have.

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