Selfie inside the gym

While still looking and thinking for a health article or sports article to write. I found this selfie photo of the boyfriend in my laptop’s photo files. Some of my old and new photos as well as my sister’s are save on my laptop. I know some of his photos are save on my laptop too but most of those are his gig pic (it’s either the artist he is guarding or the place). I did not know about this selfie photo of him. He don’t like taking photos of himself so I was surprise to see this photos and decide to upload it since the background had something with the theme of this blog. You know, being fit and going to the gym to achieved it.

He is a personal gym instructor in a local company here in CDO. That company has its own gym and this is it. Maybe he got bore while waiting for those employee of that company that is why he decide to take some selfie pic. hehehehe.. Hope he won’t find this post ever.

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