Want new pair of Nike rubber shoes

I leave my nike rubber shoes in my parents house because my mother ask me. It is fine with me because she can really use it. The last time she borrow a rubber shoes from me was last year and she said the experience in a hurtful one. Some of her nails died because the shoes are not fit for her feet. I can’t do anything about it. That is the only walking shoes I have that time but when I visited them few days ago. She ask me if I can leave the nike rubber shoes to her. She said the fit is perfect for her feet. Well, since lately I was not able to do my “to do list” to be healthy and that includes running and walking, I just leave it there. I don’ have a running shoes right now but I was planning to buy one anyway. I still need to look for a nice, affordable and comfortable running shoes online and start my saving plan.

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