Healed? Almost there

It is not easy being sick especially if you don’t have a job that pays well and a savings for a back-up. As I was saying in my last post. I was operated twice because of my intestinal problem and appendicitis. Both operations were shouldered by my siblings, all of them, because I don’t have a job and don’t have savings as well.

It was very shameful in my part because I was not able to give just a little amount on that 2 operation. It is my entire fault because I was not being healthy and caution in my health. It was unexpected to because it never occurs in my mind that this would happen to me.

Right now, all I wish and pray is that some miracle will happen to my life (emotionally and especially financially) after this so that I can pay my family back the money they spend for my operations. They have their own family too to spend that money. All I can say for now is “Thank You so so so Very Much” and ” I am very sorry for everything”.

I pray that God will give me more strength and heal me not only in my sickness but spiritually as well to overcome and accept what happen and will happen to me in the future.

We may not know what will happen to us and to our body inside and out in the days to come but it is still important to take care of our health and body always. Just to be caution to all the unexpected illness.

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