Cooking your way to a healthy life

I got operated twice because I did not eat right. I always eat out and most of the time I forgot to eat and the result is an intestinal problem which cause almost my life. My first operation went well but that time I don’t know if I can make it another day because my small intestine was out and all the food I eat will just go to the colostomy bag. Yes, I use colostomy bag for my vowel because the damage is very bad. Using a colostomy bag for almost a month is very tiring and depressing. I am just thankful to my family for always been there for me emotionally and financially.

The second operation, thank God, went well as well that is why I am still here writing about this and thinking of buying my mother something to use in the kitchen. Kitchen stuff
for a pot and pan organizer because she is the one cooking all the foods when I can’t even cook a rice. She always reminds me to eat on time and don’t neglect eating again. That is why find time to cook your healthy food and it would be much fun to buy those nice and cooking kitchen stuff to help with our cooking hobby.

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