Gym no more, for now

Before, i really wanted to visit the gym to release some sweat some but right now, gym is out of my mind unless someone will enroll me in boxing so i can imagine the person or should i say people that got me this reluctant feeling about going to the gym.

I don’t know if its an article or a pocketbook that i read that if you want to find a boyfriend or someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, going to the gym is one of those places for a candidate.

Maybe some people going to the gym or even some of the instructor find love in those place. However, some of those women and men as well who already taken find an affair with those places. Why i said it, because last year was a revelation to me. I don’t want to write the details but it really is an eye opening to me. No matter how you love or value a person if he/she is tempted there is not future for you two to get back together especially if the 3rd party is eager and very much willing to wait when will be over for the both of you. So watch out for those snakes and wolves pretending to be a health buff, your partner might get bitten with gusto and wanted to get more until someone get hurt and the snake will be bloated with baby. And all you get is pain and a word “Be strong” from them, yeah right!

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