Blog neglect for months

I really wanted to update this blog but sad to say I can’t for to many reasons but the main reason, I don’t have anything to write about sports and health. My heath for once is not that good and writing about it makes me sad and depress even more. That is why I try to forget what happen or what is happening on my health. Maybe some other time if those health give me enlightenment about my life in general, chos!

Talking about sports can bring back hurtful past bad memory. A back stabbing, pretension, parasite, lying and more role in to one person. But if blessing pour on this blog. I am more than willing to surpass all those bad memories and depression. I need the extra income, money for my medication in general, that includes shopping to forget those people and my health as well. Keep on coming please for the good of humankind. 😉

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